Fellowship Ministry Team

L to R: Phyllis March, Melissa Burson, Theresa Nicks, Nancy Nicks, & Kim Moran


  • Create and maintain an overall spirit of friendship, inclusiveness, and belonging for all members and participants in the life of the church
  • Provide a spirit of fellowship among the church members (in coordination with other ministry teams, PW, etc.)
  • Friendship Time after worship on Sunday morning
  • Special church gatherings
  • Respond to needs in time of sickness or crisis
  • Visitation and contact with the home-bound
  • Maintain an up-to-date directory of the church membership

2024 Fellowship Ministry Team

  1. Jim March
  2. Phyllis March
  3. MG Moran
  4. Kim Moran
  • Bold Italicized: Chair
  • Bold: Current Officers
  • Pastor serves on all ministry teams, ex-officio