Witness and Outreach (W&O) Ministry Team

Witness and Outreach (W&O)

  • Lead the church in its ministry to persons beyond the immediate membership of the church
  • Assist with special needs of the church and/or its members
  • Coordinate and encourage participation in service projects to the community and the world
  • Evaluate and recommend recipients and levels of benevolent giving appropriate for the church as reviewed on a yearly basis

2024 Witness & Outreach (W&O) Ministry Team

  1. Krisha Brister
  2. Barbara Blackburn
  3. Lila Mendel
  4. Fran Goodall
  5. Bob Engelkens
  6. Joanne Hamilton
  7. Sharron Land
  • Bold Italicized: Chair
  • Bold: Current Officers
  • Pastor serves on all ministry teams, ex-officio